Commercial & Construction Financing

Thanks to REIF’s partnership with Steel Funding, our mortgage team is able to provide you access to both commercial and construction loan programs.  For properties with more than 4-units, mixed use developments, or commercial properties, our mortgage and real estate team will work with you and our lending partners to structure the right financing to acquire the property or complete the construction process.

As a local lender headquartered in Bellevue, WA, Steel Funding provides you access to our own commercial and construction department, as well as, many other financial institutions through our wholesale brokerage department.  If we do not have the commercial construction loan to fit your individual needs, we are able to use our lending partners to secure you the financing your require.

Find out how our seasoned mortgage team can help you.  Qualification is easy, just click the link for a secured online application.  Or if you prefer, call or email our mortgage team for a free no cost, no obligation mortgage consultation.  Our licensed mortgage team can discuss the current commercial and construction loan programs, interest rates, closing costs, and other loan guidelines to give you all your available options.  Once you have decided what loan works best for you, our team will then close your loan as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Matthew Steel – Manager – 425-651-4200

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