Stay at Home Mom Earns Positive Cash Flow

Danielle was a novice real estate investor who wanted to develop positive cash flows through rental properties. She purchased her first property in August of 2011 for $121,100.00. The property was a duplex with two 900 s.f., 3 BR, 1 BA units.

The property needed some work, so Danielle used R.E.I.F.’s list of licensed and bonded contractors to remodel both units. After investing about $20,000 in the property, it was appraised for $175,000. This gives her over $34,000 in equity, and she was able to refinance and pull out her entire down payment and finance all her loan costs.

She collects $1,920 in rents and her mortgage payment is only $958 per month. This nets her $962 per month in positive cash flow. She says, “The beautiful part is that the rent from only one unit covers my entire mortgage payment. That gives me a lot of peace of mind.” Danielle is currently looking for more rental properties.

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