What We Do

Real Estate Investment Firm is a one-stop resource for clients who want to create long-term wealth by leveraging today’s real estate opportunities.

Most firms teach clients how to invest in foreclosures, bank owned properties, or other investment listings and then hope for the best.  Unfortunately, less than 5% ever invest in a single property.  Their dreams of earning passive income streams simply never happen.

At REIF, we take a very different approach. We combine our expertise in real estate, financing, insurance, and financial planning to create a Financial BluePrint customized to fit each client’s individual needs.  We continue to work with our clients as they build their real estate investment portfolios to minimize the risks and maximize the returns.

We begin with an individual consultation with each client to assess your current investment goals, attitudes, and strategies.  This enables us to develop a customized investment strategy for each client that contains specific recommendations in terms of target returns, purchase prices, potential markets, acquisition rate, financing options, and exit strategies to reach their desired objectives.  No Financial BluePrint is alike since each one is tailored to each client’s unique resources, goals, and objectives.

Next we give our clients access to our state of the art Foreclosure Search Platform to quickly access the necessary data concerning past, present, and future foreclosure listings.  Our foreclosure website give our client the tools to quickly review hundreds of weekly foreclosure listings and identify, evaluate, and purchase the right property at the right price.  Additionally, our Bank Owned Property Division gives our clients additional buying opportunities by providing them proprietary access to many bank owned properties before the banks list them for sale on the multiple listing services (MLS).  By leveraging our superior technology and extensive bank relationships, REIF allows our client to secure properties at very substantial discounts.

Each property that is presented to our client comes with a detailed three-page Property Data Worksheet that analyzes all aspects of the property’s potential financial performance.  Whether buying to resell at a profit, or keep for positive cash flows, a complete and comprehensive analysis of the property helps ensure that our clients are set up for success.  This detailed property analysis is critical in executing the strategies recommended in each client’s Financial BluePrint.

Finally, after each property is purchased, our Real Estate Advisors and Licensed Loan Originators will continue to support each client as they execute their investment strategies.  We help them secure short-term and long-term financing, evaluate the necessary repairs and improvements, schedule contractors, find and qualify renters or buyers, and prepare and relist properties for rent or resale.  No matter what their investment strategy, REIF will be there as a trusted resource for each client for all their real estate investment needs.

Our goal is to help our client successfully invest in real estate to build a real estate portfolio that provides long term financial security.  Our results speak for themselves: over 97% of our clients achieve their financial goals through investing in real estate!   We work with clients throughout King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. Whether they are in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, or Silverdale, or and town in between, REIF remains committed to their success.

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